Brief History


简介 Brief History

  • 马来西亚基督教青年协会成立于1999年,是个非盈利,非政党,不分教会宗派的基督教全国性青年组织。
    MCYA is registered in 1999. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational national Christian association.
  • 基督青是国家青年及体育部成员之一,也是八大华青的成员之一。
    MCYA is a member of Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Negara, as well as a member of the 8 Chinese Youth groups consortium in Malaysia.
  • 主要服务对象为18岁至40岁的基督徒华裔青年。
    MCYA targeted to serve the youths between age 18 and 40.
  • 常代表基督徒华社出席文教,商业活动,并参与探讨有关基督教在马来西亚的议题,青年及社会课题等。
    We attends educational and business events, discussing and giving our view on issues pertaining to Christians in Malaysia as well as youth and community issues.

宗旨 Objectives

MCYA’s objectives are to unite our nation’s Christian youths, enhancing the knowledge of God’s Sovereignty, carrying out the Biblical Mandate, be the salt and the light among the people and to contribute towards the nation’s vision.

目标 Goals

To achieve the above objectives, we will promote biblical living among our members – to practice biblical principles and values in their daily living by:

  • 联系并带动成员委身追求在真理和生命上的充实。
    Connect and mobilize members to pursue the truth and practice it in daily living
  • 共同建立一个公正,圣洁,爱心的和谐社会。
    Together, to build a community with justice, holiness, love and harmony
  • 发掘提升成员的潜能,为福音和社会作出贡献。
    To develop members’ potentials, assisting them to contribute for the gospel and society
  • 联系其他社会团体。
    To connect with other community association (especially youth groups)

使命宣言 Mission Statement

  • 青年合一    贡献国家
    Unite the youths, Contribute to our nation
  • 联系华社    提升青年
    Connect the Chinese community, Enhance the youths
  • 服侍教会    使命宣教
    Serve the church, Carry out the Great Commission